Real Estate

Lawyers:  Ryan Hager   Stefanie Stamm 
Assistants:    Brenda Yanciw

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We are here to work with you and your other real estate professionalas to ensure that your real estate transactions are completed efficiently and with courteous and effective communication. We can work with you for transactions throughout Alberta.

We can also provide notarial services for out-of-province transactions.

Purchases with Financing

Purchasing a home or investment property is the largest transaction that many people will ever be faced with, and there can be a seeming mountain of details to contend with, especially when a mortgage or line of credit is involved.

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Cash Purchases

Whether purchasing with a mortgage or not, effective legal representation such as that provided by our team is essential when buying real estate.  Ensuring that the purchase is completed according to your agreement and that you get a good itle to your property is our commitment to you. 

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Whether you or your Realtor need legal advice while negotiating the sale of your property or an experienced and knowledgeable team of legal professionals to complete the transaction you can be assured that we are here to make it happen.

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Transfers of Land

Whether you are adding a spouse to title, removing a co-signor, changing title for estate planning, or otherwise making changes to the legal title to property that you own, we can advise you and prepare the required documents at reasonable cost and ensure they will be registered at Land Titles.

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Residential Refinancing

Our lawyers have dealt with all kinds of lenders, from the big banks to mortgage companies, credit unions, and private lenders. We understand what they need from you and from us to get your mortgage funded and we understand their documents and will explain them to you.

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