HD Lawyers:  Ryan Hager | Stefanie Stamm          
Assistants:  Brenda Yanciw

We will work with your realtor and insurance company to facilitate the process and provide the benefit of our expertise to the other professionals involved in your transaction as needed.

  • We aim to close every transaction on its scheduled completion date as long as there is a reasonable amount of time provided to do so. We stand by our commitment and would be happy to discuss that in more detail with you.

  • You will always meet with a lawyer and we set enough time aside to answer your questions and give you detailed advice.

  • Our paralegals and lawyers are available to respectfully answer your questions throughout the process of your transaction and afterwards, but it is our hope that we will answer many of your questions before you have to ask them.

  • If anything does go wrong, you can be assured that we have the experience to recognize and advise you of your options.

  • When we provide estimates for costs, we do our best to meet or come in below our estimates and will always warn you if significant unusual developments on your file will lead to higher costs.

Please click on our real estate fees estimation calculator to get an estimate of how much the legal costs would be for your transaction, excluding any adjustments in the contract like property taxes or condominium fees and excluding any fees associated with paying out mortgages or other financing.